Here is Mercedes Benz‘s official sketch of their BMW X6 fighter, probably known as the MLC.

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Rendered speculation

The emergence of the fab five doors. Mercedes is working on a five door C Class, and they just announced a Chinese market only extended wheelbase version. A coincidence? No – the Chinese 3 Series extended wheelbase, forms the basis for the 3 Series GT. The same will probably happen for the C Class five door:

Also, following BMW‘s relentless niche filling models, it has been speculated that they will produce a 2 series GT. This is what it may look like.

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Nice paint job

Strangely, this paint job reminds me of a trip I once took with my husband in Wisconsin. Goodbye Easter bunny.


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now the wait begins….


Let me first start out by saying, I think this new MINI CLUBMAN CONCEPT design is perhaps the most elegant, most beautiful design I have seen in a long time. Yes, I do like Minis, and have always appreciated their quirkiness, their concise proportions and their uniqueness. But I have never owned one. Between my personal needs and other candidates in the marketplace, I have looked at them on more than one occasion, but I have always, in the end, chosen something else, for a variety of reasons. And yet, after seeing this, I would buy it, no questions asked.

The thing is, this is a concept. Which naturally makes me worry about how much of these exquisite details will make it into a production version in a year or so. The Clubman has always been the odd man out in Mini’s line. It is strange and wonderful, and has developed a cult following for its utility and driving capabilities – and I too have falling under its spell many times. But this concept is actually larger than the Countryman, in every proportion but up – the Countryman is actually taller, but this sleek wagon, despite being larger, is infinitely more stylish. Note the stunning side mirrors that beautiful integrate from the side markers with a stainless steel arm that looks so modern while at the same time hints at steam punk. The LED ring fog/driving lights in the front number should be applied to all MINIs stat – and the sophisticated flow through of the rear spoilers is poetry in motion.

The interior is wide and beautiful, although, lets face it – far too design-y to actually indicate much as far as production in concerned. But the spoked wheels manage to seems modern while at the same time looking like bespoke heritage pieces. Even the maroon color is unique and classy. Flawless. There hasn’t been one note that is even remotely off key here. This concept belongs in a museum…. and in my driveway.

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Pass the Grey Poupon

Remember Bentley’s horrifically ugly SUV concept? The production version is on the way, and here is the first teaser:

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