Pretty in Pink

ASTON MARTIN is always good for a special edition. Such is the case with this DB9. Somehow the pinks works without it looking like Hello Kitty threw up all over it – is it the pale shade or does the allure of the car override the questionable taste? If Angelyne had the coin, this is what she would be driving today….

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Two more weeks until the full reveal of the uber Swede with the Thor’s Hammer headlights. The VOLVO XC90:

state of the art

The Classic

Simply timeless….

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The New Passat

At long last, here is the new VW PASSAT. But wait, this is for Europeans only. In fact it is for every market except North America, where we will continue to make do the the dumbed down Passat that was introduced a few years ago. Long time readers will know how much I am offended by our Passat, so I won’t retread any ground here, but seeing this new generation Passat for the rest of the world, only tears open that wound and pours salt in it. So bear with me…


This new beauty is a terrific redesign. First pictures left me cold, as they were rather flat and uninteresting. But as you can see in these shots – the new mainstreamer  is conservative, yet classic. Still holding the title, “perfect for anytime” – the automotive equivalent to the black turtleneck. Conservative, yes, but with new beveled edges and dynamic cut lines, this should certainly age gracefully while remaining fresh.

The interior is all business VW – which means everything is where it should be, and it is no nonsense, albeit here, with a dash of style. Audi quality and even their digital screen dash unit ( probably an up level option ) means you ride with cutting edge technology. The dash long vent incorporating the HVAC vents was a bit jarring at first, but it blends seamlessly, and feels appropriately modern.

Of course, they really cool version is the wagon, a long time Passat staple.

Seeing it really makes me long for the Passat opportunities of yore, when it was imported to the US. A time lost forever….   or is it?

Personal theory: During the release of these images, the VW spokesperson said that although this car wasn’t coming to the US, variations might. Coupled with the test run of the VW ALLtrack at last years NY Auto show – to gage “public reaction” – which was positive, I think there is hope. The VW ALLTRACK is basically the Passat wagon with the Audi all road treatment – raised, four wheel drive, and body cladding. It is a formula that has been successful for Subaru and Audi, and it makes sense for VW to bring it here. So take an extra look at the wagon…. and click your heels. We may get this wagon just yet….


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