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The CADILLAC ATS is the latest contender to challenge the mighty BMW 3 Series, and on paper ( and on the test track, according to Cadillac) it is in the hunt. But a lot of what makes the 3 Series so special is not only how it drives, but how it feels, and that largely comes from the quality of the interior. Cadillac knows this, and their designers have done an admirable job of created and interior that not only looks inviting, but balances the quality of seriousness with a uniquely American slant of luxury. It has been said that other challengers do a lot of things excellently, but that the BMW does everything excellent. And so Cadillac really has its work cut out for it. Lets examine the interior:

These days, it is fashionable for a luxury maker to do an interior in brown, and here Cadillac offers up a very tan version. It pairs nicely with the dark swirly wood to create a masculine and clubby feel.  Notice the tan contrast stitching on the dash panels. The black leather armrest offers comes visual space to make the cabin cleaner.

Dark striped wood contrasts the stoney grey leather that makes the cabin modern and airy. Dark brown dash and armrest again provide some visual space. This feels the freshest.

Just like the Germans ( and now Lexus and Infiniti), a Red interior is the go to color to say sporty. This one is less bright than Audi’s and less purple than Infiniti’s. Cadillac walks a tight rope here to not conjure up it’s maroon interiors of the 70′s and 80′s. To reinforce the sporty intentions, no wood, just carbon fiber inlays. It works, again, very masculine, although a bit dark.

Black on black is the most traditional for sporty luxury, and here it is also the most euro feeling. Note the designs etched into the aluminum inlays. Modern or gimmicky? A collection of true blacks, no charcoals make this slick and solid feeling.

In the very tight back seat we see an example of the black headliner, which is a very nice high quality touch. Very international, very upscale. Nicely shaped front seat headrests say quality as well.

In the end, it is a very nice collection of interior choice for the ATS buyer. Cadillac has clearly done its homework, and this car is poised to do everything right. and the interiors look like great places to pass the miles away, each with their own personality and look. Of course, pairing the right exterior color will make the difference and dictate the overall feel, but which interior do you like the best?

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