Master class

Just like BMW rushing to fill every niche it can think of, Mercedes Benz is doing its best to flesh out every line to make versions of its models you never knew you needed. Although here, they are refining a niche they created. Here are the official pictures of the MERCEDES BENZ CSC Concept – built off the much vaulted A Class frame – you know – the cool hatchback that we won’t see here in the States, although word is, we will see the production version of this ( yay!). It is essentially a smaller four door coupe  - the baby brother to the very beautiful $70k CLS, this promises to be more accessible to buyers who may be considering a VW CC . And while this is a stunning design study, how much will carry over to the production version? Hard to tell. The enormous wheels will go, as well as the tiny side view mirrors, but the basic lines should make it as well as the fantastic grill. I love this new grill – it is an amazing departure from the pack and it made the jump from concept to production in the A Class, and I think it really differentiates itself for Mercedes, looking modern and fresh. Hopefully, Americans will get a crack at it, although our German brothers tend to not mess with American’s preoccupation with luxury consistency much. So we may have to make due with a refined version of the current CLS grill to keep it all familiar, which would be a shame. Otherwise, expect a LED highlighted headlight – in the familiar new Mercedes design language, and something swoopy out back as well. Inside, an amalgamation of the spectacular A Class interior and the current C Class. Basically – this is going to be very exciting. Personally, I love the VW CC Class – I find it quite beautifully done – especially in its newest refinement ( out soon), but it is a riff on the original Mercedes concept, so to have Mercedes come back and give their interpretation of the form – well it should be a master class of design – as you see here. With sexiness oozing from every angle, the buyers in Los Angeles ( and elsewhere ) are going to line up. Hell, I might even secure a spot.

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