Here is HYUNDAI‘s new Santa Fe Sport, and it is a real looker. What I personally like about it, is Hyundai resisted the trend of all these midsize CUV/Crossovers trying and look like the Lexus RX. It still looks fresh, it still looks competitive, but it does so stylistically on its own terms. It faintly reference’s Hyundai’s fluidic corporate design language, but more strongly evolves on the themes pioneered by the short lived big brother KIA SUV. It is purposeful and butch instead of looking merely ready for the grocery store parking lot. The interior is classy and nice – although the bright blue illumination of the Hyundai dash is starting to wear on me. It feels cheap, and mars an otherwise perfect execution. The Santa Fe has always been a good trucklette – and Hyundai has certainly struggled to find a good style for it – the first generation was too boring, the second, too weird, the third too restrained, and with this, I think they have found the right balance. This puppy will come in a 5 seater or an optional 7 seater, earning it a slot on most buyers lists. So for those people that have never considered a Santa Fe, now will be the time. I have a great friend in NY, Winston who has one – a 2nd generation, and living in Manhattan, it made sense as the perfect vehicle to pack up with friends, and head out to the country in. Winston, a dashingly handsome man, oozes class and refinement and to me, the Santa Fe was never up to his image, but here and now, it might finally be. I wonder what he’ll think of it.

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