The threat delivered

Not long ago, KIA unleashed their version of the Hyundai Sonota, called the Optima. It was a radical departure from the Optima before, and it signaled a seismic change at KIA. Turns out it was a shot over the bow to scare the competition, for soon they would be releasing their real weapon. And here it is. The New KIA K9 ( at least in its home country, for the U.S. they are still deciding on a name.) It will be more than just their flagship, it is their battle cry. It perfectly realizes the brand design language and puts everyone else on notice. And like the Optima, it severely bests the car it comes from – the Hyundai Genesis in this case. ¬†Will it dethrone the big Germans? Probably not – people who pony up the coins for those brands buy more than just metal and tires – at least in their minds, so anything with the KIA emblem will not be seen as a threat, however that position is less secure for the Japanese luxury makes and even the related other Koreans. They should all be scared. This machine is going to do some damage. Count on it. The interior is amazing – from the smallest detail and the esthetic. More exiting than most established luxury brand interiors, and certainly unexpected from KIA. I am saying it here first, for the record: KIA, is going to change in your estimation. It is going to change the market in this class with this car, and who knows – it may even change you. If you never saw yourself desiring one, you may find your position change. And yea, I get it – that is a lot of hyperbole, but as my mother is fond of saying: “I may not always be right, but I am never wrong.” Just wait.

The Vehiclist

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