monkey business

The HYUNDAI i30 is a cool looking car, and a best seller in Europe. I love the squat stance and the sporty proportions – especially the hatchback design. But, being a Hyundai, it is also an exceedingly well made car – reliable and sturdy. To prove this point, Hyundai parked the new car in the jungle for ten hours and let some crazed monkeys all hopped up on Jujubees and Skittles go nuts on it. Ok, I made that last part up – there is no evidence Hyundai’s PR people plied the animals with candy, but in my mind, that is exactly what happened. The final result of which, you are suggested to think, ” well damn, if that car can stand up to a bunch of psycho monkeys, then surely it can handle my family”. Oddly though, all I could think was, ” Will Hyundai be providing air fresheners?” Anyway, in an act of accelerated evolution, a few monkeys started the car and promptly took off for California using Hyundai’s terrific navigation system. As of this writing, they were on the 405 heading north, after stopping at Whole Foods where they reportedly stole some organic fish sticks, bananas, 3 bags of Stacy’s pita chips ( Ranch flavored ) , 300 capsules of Vitamin B12 and a copy of 50 Shades of Grey. Should make for an interesting journey. Look for them in a neighborhood near you. And in an ironic twist, Honda announced their next Accord will be quality tested by 50 bloodthirsty zombies.   Fun.

The Vehiclist

Fred Segal Parking lot

Valet parking stand at the Grove

Car wash at the Handy J, Culver City

Gianna - May 18, 2012 - 6:34 pm

Ranch huh?!

admin - May 19, 2012 - 4:04 am

Yes, Did I mention they were in sensible shoes?

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