Soon, in Europe ( and other places ) you’ll be able to drive a CHEVY TRAX. But not here . In the home of the free, and the land of the brave, where Chevy is as American as apple pie, to drive this vehicle, you’ll have to do it as a Buick Encore. And that’s a shame, because, at least to me, this Chevy looks better than the Buick. As a refresher, this is a very small crossover based on a Opel Mokka. And it looks better than that, as well. ┬áIn other international markets, Chevy appeals to buyers looking for some American panache, and now they have this version to show American design at its best. Ironicly, it is a product unavailable to most Americans. It has some rugged toughness and sport design cues that all come together and make for a very attractive package. I am really digging Chevy’s designs lately, and I am sort of sorry that we won’t be seeing this.

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