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The Audi A4 is Audi’s bread and butter vehicle. It is it’s best selling car, and as such, to keep competitive with the newly refreshed Mercedes C Class and BMW new 3 Series assault next year, the A4 has undergone a refresh. You may be forgiven for not seeing the change from the one that roams the roads right now, because in pictures it is subtle. But side by side in the flesh it will be more pronounced. Instead of the four cornered grill, the new A4 gets Audi’s latest 6 cornered version for a more flared nostril aggressive look. The other major change design-wise is the LED light tubes replacing the LED points-of-light that currently arc around the projector headlights. The Tail lights get the light tube treatment as well in keeping with the rest of Audi’s modern line. Gone are the round fog lights in favor of squared ones.

Because the Vehiclist loves wagons, I have chosen to concentrate on the Avant ( wagon) incarnation for illustrative purposes. And also show you versions you cannot have here in America. Not to salt the wound, but to ask the question if our version is enough? Scroll down to see the rest…

The Audi A4 Allroad is available in Europe and other parts of the world, and those of you in America saw the Allroad as a version of the two ago previous Audi A6 Avant. It was here right when Volvo and Subaru started hiking up their wagons in an effort to make the more Off-road-y while they busied themselves with rushing to the market an SUV. These were essentially the first real crossovers, but went largely unnoticed by American consumers looking for something higher with worse handling. So Audi found success in it’s Q5 made for Americans and Chinese, but the A6 based Allroad continued on in Europe. It was so successful they decided to brand the smaller A4 Avant with the same Allroad treatment, and it too has been a success. Note the higher stance, the darker and pronounce lower body cladding and different grill. It think it looks tougher, and cooler. The extra height gives it a beautiful proportion and make the wagon more utilitarian. What do you think?

The Audi S4 is available here in America, albeit only in sedan form. A shame, because the S4′s unique design features really lend themselves to the Avant form. Notice the hunkered down lower stance and the S4 wheels. Quad exhausts, and bit of fanning in the creases and you have a much slicker machine. This thing means business. Is it me, or does the wagon just look faster?

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