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The 2014 VW Duplicity

While this site usually brings you news about new models and the LA car scene, we also from time to time, bring you a story about the experience of purchasing a new car in the city we call home. And such is the case now, a story of  a simple girl, deception, and ineptitude. I […]

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Wagon Tale

  Admittedly, I have used The Vehiclist as a platform to not only profess my love of wagons, but as a tool to promote them as well. I am not alone. Ask just about any car journalist, and they will surely agreed to the virtues of wagons. It is mostly because of exposure. Most journalist […]

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Unfortunately, for this week’s article, I have to report some unpleasant news. As any of us knows, sometimes, the minute you enter a automotive dealership, you are subjected to a world of nonsense and deceit. So was my latest automotive buying attempt. My husband and I, whom, as you can imagine, have owned many cars […]

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Desert Cat

OK, let’s say you and the boys want to head out for a weekend in Palm Springs. Sure, you have the usual choices of stylish and status appropriate cars – the Mercedes ML, the Audi Q5 or the BMW X5. But perhaps, they have gotten a bit too… mommy? Well JAGUAR wants in on that […]

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Dont it make your brown eyes blue

This is the new ASTON MARTIN VANQUISH VOLANTE – the British marqee’s version of the Vanquish drop top. And it is a looker. Even in this shocking blue. Which brings up a point: Lately I have noticed a lot of Astons crawling the tonier streets of LA. And here is the thing – they all […]

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