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Pass the Grey Poupon

Remember Bentley’s horrifically ugly SUV concept? The production version is on the way, and here is the first teaser: The Vehiclist

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BMW‘s in house special design firm, Individual, like MB’s Designo, offered special exterior and interior treatments for those looking for a little something special to differentiate their whip from the masses. They just released a package on the new upcoming 4Series Gran Coupe. Looks like a winner to me…. The Vehiclsit  

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Ever wanted to know what a AUDI TT would look like with four seats? … Me neither, but here you have it. The new AUDI CROSSOVER CONCEPT is a true shooting brake – i.e. a coupe with an elongated trunk and hatch. Audi showed it recently at this years North American Auto show in Detroit […]

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What is Luxury?

It seems like in this world of constant excess and reality television influence, the world is on a never ending quest for more. Namely, Luxury. For those that can, and those that aspire, we are always taught to seek the upgrade, to go for the exclusive and to achieve whatever it takes to make us […]

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Renders of the rainbow

As the last post of 2013, I just wanted to say Thank you for all your support, your feedback and your interest. 2014 will see some interesting changes for The Vehiclist, as we try to bring you car information with a unique perspective. So stay tuned, and Thank you again…. And now – may I […]

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